Why Us?

A low credit score can hinder you from obtaining the things you want and securing the approvals you need. We have several years of experience assisting consumers in reaching their credit and financial goals. We pride ourselves in our credit evaluation and guiding clients to affirm their legal rights according to the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We strive to put the consumer’s needs first while promising fairness, reliability, and integrity in our practices. Anyone can repair their credit themselves; however, we are here to assist you by working hard to help you reach your credit and financial goals in half the time, without errors!

A low credit score impacts more than just your credit but can stop you from getting most ANYTHING OF VALUE nowadays. Repairing your credit is securing your financial future and approving your quality of life. Change your life, change your situation, leave it to us, and save yourself time and energy; contact us today.

 We got you!  

    • How to build positive credit and maintaining the increases we achieve after repairing your credit. We teach you how to responsibly reach and maintain an 850 credit score.
    • How to read and analyze your credit report and Consumer laws that you should have knowledge of while reviewing your credit
    • We help build a healthy credit profile, guide you on the road to your next big purchase/approval (whether purchasing a home, car, securing low interest rates, and lines of credit). Our dispute formula for bullying the bureaus to fix your credit scores is top tier.
    • We have helped so many get approvals and now its your turn!
  • Maliya M.

    Trust the process and get with Sa-Leemah. In less than a month, my score went up 40 points. SHE'S AMAZING and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to restore their credit.

  • Denise M.

    Under Sa-Leemah's guidance, I have been able to raise my credit score by over 70 points and open 5 unsecured credit cards in the last 2 years. My open lines of credit are now over $20k.

  • Antoinette G.

    Thanks to Sa-Leemah's guidance, I was able to raise my score from very good to exceptional. I have been consistently been using my credit card for gas, groceries, and food; and paying it off so I do get any interest. The 2 credit card payments a month hack is a gem!

  • Kim W.

    Sa-Leemah is AWESOME! My score was stuck at 480 when I started until Sa-Leemah got involved. TransUnion is now over 620 and Experian & Equifax are over 700. I just refinanced my house to a lower interest rate and reduced my term from 30 years to 20. With the equity and cash out, I paid off credit cards, got a new vehicle, and reduced my car payment by $200.

Sa-Leemah's Motivation

Sa-Leemah Cunningham has been offering credit repair services for just about 4 years. Seeing her clients happy and debt free is what motivates her to keep pursuing her passion. She takes pride in operating her company with integrity and in service of her clients. Working with clients to help them achieve their financial goals gives her so much joy and fulfillment. She is striving to help the masses become homeowners and achieve approvals.s “I live to help people take their seat at the approval table".

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